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Why is joint damage occurring?

1. Excessive use of weight during exercise plus poor weightlifting techniques: In my opinion, this is one of the main reasons why so many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts eventually get hurt. Poor lifting techniques can also cause tendon tears and tendon inflammation. Assuming that the lifting technique is very bad and uses too much weight, this can also lead to complete misalignment of the joint.

2. Muscle strength increases too fast: Certain supplements, such as creatine and nitric oxide boosters, can cause our muscle strength to soar. Although this is a good thing, in these cases, the most important thing is that we have to slowly control the speed of the exercise to increase the weight. Therefore, prematurely increasing the training load can easily lead to joint damage, even if the form of practice is impeccable and the muscles can handle the load easily. This situation is also a common situation for adolescents because the muscle strength of adolescents rises rapidly because the body at that age produces all the anabolic hormones.


3. Lack of proper nutrition: Joints, like muscles, need nutrition and rest. Lack of proper nutrients reduces the body's ability to adapt to stress. As a result, if malnutrition continues to be trained, minor tears in the tendon and degeneration of the cartilage in the joint may occur, which will result in more wear and tear of the joint than normal.


4. Lack of proper rest/recovery: continuous overtraining, lack of staging (meaning you are always heavily trained), and lack of sleep can lead to joint problems. Keep in mind that if the body is not fully recovered, some of the trauma caused during each training session will accumulate over time. Staging of training and partial recovery of the whole body is essential to prevent this micro-traumatic accumulation. In addition, lack of adequate sleep will lead to poor recovery, because during sleep, the body produces all anabolic hormones that will deliver nutrients to the correct location for complete recovery.

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