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Work out Sessions

Free consultation session would be offered for assessing the client's current fitness level, discussing regards their fitness goals, availability and readiness. 
Then based on assessments personalize program will be designed for Client's workout, nutrition & meal plan  also optional customized prepared meal service would be offered to those who hasn't enough time for  grocery shopping and cooking fresh meals.  
Clients will have a one by one sessions with certified coach in their own convenient time and location based on the pre-agreed schedules.   
Each session consists of :
  1. Warm-up/warm-down stretches (10 min.) 
  2. Full body muscle training via MST Simulator (20 min.)
  3. Cardio exercise via MST Simulator (15 min.) 
To who has specific fitness goals like "Hypertrophy" or massive "Fat Loss",Extra optional  complementary session (15 min.) is available for them.
Results would be vary person to person, but for most of people  workout 3-sessions per week would be enough to meet their fitness goals just in couple of months, and after 2-session per week for maintaining the achieved results.
Some athletes for competing purpose working-out up to 6 sessions per week with extended sessions that would not be recommended for who has general fitness goal.     
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