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How "MobileGym" Benefits You

Today's busy and hectic lifestyles plus hustle of commuting back & forth to gym (included dealing with traffic, park space, gym working hours, ...), Considered as concerns for committing to an active  and healthy lifestyles for majority of professional people, who with Injuries or has limited mobilities,  or even stayed at home parents/guardians.

In the other hand, for boosting health to next level, having access to science based and customized workout program, nutrition and meal plans, would be an essential factor  !

So MobileGym concept comes alive to offer modern mobile fitness solution that will be tailored to each client's fitness level, needs, wants and goals. MobileGym proud to deliver modern fitness solutions by utilizing MST Simulators (Muscle Stimulation Technology) in client's convenient time & location, It offer customized workout  and meal plan that would be monitored by experienced and certified coaches for maximizing the results via very short workout sessions, as 20 minutes.


Benefits of MST Simulator :

  • Stimulation of 600 muscles (90% of whole-body muscles) in 8 major groups simultaneously 

  • Reduce Body fat, Weight loss and boost the Metabolism

  • Rapid Body Toning, Shaping and Muscle Growth (Hypertrophy)

  • Cellulite reduction, Skin tightening and Anti-puffiness 

  • No pressure on Joints and Connective Tissues, avoiding joints injury 

  • High performance and efficient(high intensity/short sessions)  

  • Best fit for people that is very busy, injured or has limited movement, are in their post-surgery period, Housewife with small kids, run Home office and are self-employed  

What's include in MobileGym Sessions :

The assigned coach will provide the clients with all required equipment for each session like :

  • MST Simulator 

  • Peripheral Workout Equipment 

  • Workout Plan

  • Nutrition Plan

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